Over-the-counter Growth Hormone

Posted in: Basic Nutrition  on Tuesday, August 5, 2008
You want more muscle. We want you to have it! Now. Here’s how...

Max Muscle constantly gets questions about growth hormone and its effectiveness. There’s no doubt about it --- human growth hormone (HGH) really works. But unless you have a prescription, and between three and four thousand dollars a month to buy sufficient amounts, HGH is not your best option.

Clever stacking, including a highly effective over-the-counter growth hormone stimulator in your stack, can work wonders, packing on pounds of muscle, decreasing fat, improving muscle tone, and gaining more energy and strength.

The Max Muscle Triangle System: Your vision. Your plan. Max Muscle’s "bricks."

Building a great muscular body is like building the Empire State Building, or erecting any other world-class monument. You need three things:

You’ve got to have a vision.
You’ve got to have a plan.
And you’ve got to have the big bricks to get it up!

#1: Your Vision: Imagining the Future You...
Every great monument, every famous work of art, and every great body-builder begins with the vision. Do you know what you want to look like? Can you imagine what changes you’d make, where you’d pack the muscle on, and take off the fat? Can you visualize the reaction to what the new you would really be? If you haven’t actually seen, in your mind’s eye, exactly what you’re going to look like, take a few minutes to close your eyes and open that dream.

Your internal picture of the future you is the motivating force behind your new body. Not only does it give you the goal, but repeated scientific research has conclusively demonstrated that creative visualization can assist in creating enormous physical changes, beginning on the molecular level. Take a few minutes to lie down, close your eyes, and picture what you’re going to look like.

Don’t limit yourself by thinking practically, because every "practical" limitation has been exceeded by people just like you who were willing to visualize their dream: The Empire State Building was impossible to build, according to the experts. Lee Priest was a 113-pound kid with pipe cleaner arms and legs like sticks, and now he leg-presses 1200 pounds in a normal workout. Melvin Anthony was seen recently on The Jenny Jones Show, explaining how he was victimized by bullies in junior high school, before he visualized what it would be like to grow huge amounts of muscular mass. Now he has a world-class physique and amazing strength and endurance.

#2: Your Plan: Getting & Using the Map to Your Dreams
Vision without a plan remains just a dream. How do you create a plan that builds muscle and eliminates fat? You can ask the experts for advice, get a trainer, or read books. But that plan has to include working out intelligently and hard, and on a regular planned basis.

#3: Max Muscle’s Muscle-Building "Bricks," the remarkable Triangle System Triple Stack.
What can the serious bodybuilder and explosive strength athlete use to grow serious lean muscle, quickly and effectively? One study printed in The New England Journal of Medicine showed that human growth hormone actually turned back the clock in aging, but the expense is prohibitive.

But combining three unique Max Muscle products researched and developed over the past two years --- the Max Muscle Triangle System --- you may make truly astounding muscular gains, lose fat, improve muscle tone, and significantly increase your energy and strength.

The Triangle Base: MaxGH growth hormone stimulator.
Insulin-like Growth Factor Type I elevator: assists in fat loss, improved muscle tone, increased energy, increased strength and corresponding increases in muscle mass. MaxGH boosts by Max Muscle IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor Type I) 73% in 60 days, and elevates it between 151% and 153.8% in just five months, according to test results. MaxGH helps offset the loss of human growth hormone, which declines rapidly after an athlete’s early twenties (see chart). Elevated IGF-1 benefits include fat reduction, improved muscle tone, and assists in providing more energy and strength. There is a significant correlation between increased strength and increased muscle size.

The results of our recent study using a homeopathic formulation of genetically engineered HGH illustrates this vividly! In a 5-month placebo-controlled clinical study, 21 subjects were administered daily oral treatments of an HGH formula or a placebo. Subjects receiving the HGH formula had a 154.8% increase in IGF-1 levels. Subjects receiving the HGH treatment also had significant improvements in muscle tone, strength, hair, sex drive and energy levels. As you can see, the research shows that Max muscle’s homeopathic recombinant HGH alleged benefits are now a reality.

Fat Reduction
Why does HGH lead to fat reduction? When growth hormone is released from the pituitary gland at the base of the brain, it goes to the liver where it then binds to receptors responsible for the conversion of growth hormone to IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor type 1). The combination of growth hormone and IGF-1 affects the human body in many ways, including muscle development, increasing muscle mass, decreasing LDL ("bad") cholesterol levels while increasing HDL ("good") cholesterol, helping skin development and overall cell production. Fat reduction comes into play for the following reason: if you are promoting growth through the production of IGF-1 and HGH, the body utilizes all excess calories for this growth and regulates what it needs to maintain the body.

As you can see from this chart, the loss of growth hormone after age 20 is substantial. From birth to age 20, the body signals the pituitary gland to produce growth hormone. During this period of life, growth hormone and IGF-1 are responsible for a variety of functions associated with the growing process, including control of bone and muscle growth, promotion of muscle cell uptake of amino acids for growth, improved fat metabolism and many other functions.

Based on the research and benefits associated with HGH and IGF-1, Max Muscle now offers its customers the only product on the market containing both genetically engineered HGH and IGF-1 in one formula. This formula was developed as a homeopathic, just as many other products are developed on the market. However, we are the only one to date that has a combination of IGF-1, HGH, pituitary extract and liver extract. We feel this combination is the most potent product that can be bought legally over the counter.

How MaxGH works
MaxGH stimulates the pituitary gland at the base of the brain to produce more human growth hormone. MaxGH is taken and absorbed through a simple and perfectly effective oral spray process: Take 2 sprays, 3 times a day, under the tongue on an empty stomach. And make sure and eat at least a gram of protein per day for every pound of muscular bodyweight to ensure that your muscles can grow properly.

It is important to note that blood sugars are the lowest when food has not been consumed for at least 2 hours. It works best to take a serving when blood sugars are low, with the last serving immediately before bed. It’s then released into the bloodstream, and then goes to the pituitary gland at the base of the brain. The pituitary gland is then stimulated and releases HGH. The HGH then attaches to liver receptors and other tissues throughout the body. This is where the process of conversion takes place from HGH to IGF-1. It’s hard to argue with the simple fact that we have proven a 151% to 154.8% increase in IGF-1. We have a product that works.

The Triangle, Side 2: AndroMax Plus. Testosterone booster.
Did you ever think of using an anabolic steroid? You already are producing one, and it’s called testosterone. Dr. Eugene Shippen, in his best-selling book, The Testosterone Syndrome, says it straight-out: "Testosterone is an anabolic steroid, which means not only that it possesses a unique chemical structure but that it has the capacity to promote the formation of bone and muscle in the body." (The Testosterone Syndrome, page 36).

AndroMax Plus is a powerful, synergistic compound that incorporates the testosterone boosting Tribulis terrestris (which stimulates your body to increase its own production), androstenedione (the testosterone precursor especially useful for experienced lifters and bodybuilders in producing the anabolic steroid), and DHEA, yet another testosterone precursor. In short, it’s a "stack." In order to minimize the conversion of any excess testosterone to the female hormone estrogen, it also includes chrysin. Saw palmetto assists in protecting the prostate gland and green tea extract provides a little added boost.

The Triangle, Side 3: Z Max Testosterone Booster & IGF-1 Elevator.

Z Max is a duplicate of the formulation tested in a Western Washington University study detailed in the November 1998 issue of Sports Medicine, Training and Rehabilitation Journal. Using experienced, weight-lifting football players, the tests conclusively showed an average increase of 32.4% in free testosterone levels, a 33.5% serum (blood) testosterone level increase, and a 3.65% serum IGF-1 increase.

While both a control group football players and the football players using the formulation increased their strength through weight training, the athletes using the precise ingredient. amounts, and proportions found in three Z Max capsules showed strength increases over twice that of the placebo group.

Z Max is a simple combination of two minerals and vitamin B-6, but the essential aspects of this formula are that 1) both minerals must be in the aspartate form, which provides a duiblebind molecule, which "shifts" absorption to the rear of the intestine; 2) the B-6 virtually doubles the mineral absorption; 3) the dosages must be kept precisely in the correct amounts and proportions, and must be taken just before bedtime.

Go to it! Combine your vision, a regular working plan for growth, and the Max Muscle Triangle System for massive muscular growth and you’ll find your best dreams coming absolutely true!

Don’t forget!...You’ve got to take in lots of protein to maximize the advantages created by all these growth hormones coursing through your muscles.

And remember, each testosterone-boosting component of the Max Muscle Triangle system in available at any Max Muscle store.