Posted in: Sports Nutrition  on Thursday, March 22, 2012

By Jennifer Lee

Introducing Max Muscle's newest weapon in your weight-loss arsenal!

With summer quickly approaching, it’s time to shake things up! So how do you reignite the motivation you felt at the beginning of the year? Shake up your fitness and nutrition program by adding in the best fat burner on the market. Max Muscle’s newest product, Emerge,was designed to rev up your metabolism and burn fat. The end result? That layer of fat removed from your body, finally allowing the body you’ve been training for to emerge.

Faster Metabolism
Everyone, no matter what size, shape, age, gender or ethnicity, has the ability to speed up his or her metabolism. Despite a common misconception, large or overweight people generally have a faster metabolism than smaller people do because the more tissue on our body, the more energy (calories) it takes to sustain it. As weight loss occurs, our metabolism slows down because there is simply less of us to “heat up,” meaning we need fewer calories. This is a big reason we plateau in our weightloss efforts, or in most cases gain the weight back. Emerge was designed to speed your metabolism. Ingredients such as caffeine, green tea extract and Advantra Z actually promote additional calorie burning in the body, providing a thermogenic effect, even if we don’t do anything! Of course we know that the right exercise plan is critical. That, combined with Emerge, will keep your metabolism going, even as your weight loss continues and will help to avoid and/or breakthrough the dreaded plateau.

Increased Fat Burning
Muscle makes us look toned, healthy and sexy. Muscle also requires three times more calories to exist in our body then fat does, which is why it is so critically important that when we lose weight, we lose fat and not muscle. Emerge promotes “fuel partitioning” by shifting the use of fat for fuel rather than for storage. So, instead of storing fat on our stomach, hips or thighs, we will use the fat to give us energy while maintaining our precious muscle. Emerge promotes fat breakdown, transport and fat burning with the ingredients, caffeine, green tea extract, L-carnitine, L-taurine, yohimbine, octopamine, NADH, adenosine, vinpocetine and evodiamine. These ingredients work synergistically to improve body composition by burning fat and sparing muscle. The more muscle you maintain (and build) during your weight loss the more your metabolism will be elevated and burning fat.

Powerful Appetite Control
A big reason people say that they gave up on their weightloss goals? Hunger. Emerge contains Advantra Z, hoodia gordinii and yohimbine for appetite suppression. In addition to fat breakdown and increasing metabolism, Advantra Z helps control appetite. Hoodia gordonii is a plant that has been used for thousands of years as an appetite suppressant. Hoodia is believed to signal the brain to make us feel full and to reduce food cravings. Yohimbine, which is often used as an aphrodisiac, also has been shown to reduce appetite and food cravings.

The best way to stay motivated on your plan is to see results. Emerge includes a healthy dose of fiber in each serving. Fiber will help remove the bloat and flatten out your stomach, delivering quick results and providing the motivation you need to keep going. In addition, we’ve included key ingredients such as green tea extract, panax ginseng and glucuronolactone as these help provide enhanced energy, a sense of well-being and improved focus.

How To Use Emerge To Get the Best Results
Synergy with other key fat-burning and muscle-building products will really put the weight-loss odds in your favor. Try Emerge with these Max Muscle products for even better results:

  • Max CLA for fat breakdown from the stomach and hips
  • Max LiquiCarn for fat transport
  • Essential Omega for healthy fats and “fuel partitioning”
  • MaxPro Protein or High 5 for protein synthesis

Improving body composition requires a multi-faceted approach. Your nutrition plan, exercise plan and attitude are all critical components to success. Emerge helps with all three components by keeping your metabolism revved up, providing energy to get you through your workouts and by making you feel happy and motivated! Make this the summer you feel sexy and confident with everything you do by using our newest body-slenderizing product, Emerge. Emerge is now available in Wild Cherry Tart, Grape Blast and Strawberry Lemonade. Even more delicious flavors are coming soon! Come in today to get your free sample!

Emerge contains a patented ingredient called Advantra Z. Advantra Z is an extract of a citrus fruit and has been shown to be effective in fat breakdown, thermogenesis, appetite control and ultimately, in increasing the ratio of lean muscle to total body mass. While this ingredient increases our metabolic rate, helping us burn more calories, it does this without increasing our heart rate or raising blood pressure! Advantra Z has also shown to improve athletic performance.

Did you know that your liver regulates fat metabolism and is the major fat-burning organ in your body? Your liver also detoxifies your body by handling the toxins you breathe, eat and drink. Detoxification is your liver's top priority, so an unhealthy liver may be promoting fat storage over fat burning. Start your program off right by taking Max Muscle’s L-Tox to keep your liver happy and burning fat!