2014 MaxForm Life Challenge

Posted in:  on Monday, November 4, 2013

The worldwide rate of obesity has nearly doubled since 1980 and the percentages of overweight people in the US are much higher than the percentages of obesity according to the World Health Organization.  World health leaders recognize obesity and inactivity as the largest threat to health existing today and many countries are searching for answers to combat this preventable health condition.  Enter Max Muscle Sports Nutrition.

For more than 20 years Max Muscle Sports Nutrition has been in business providing the educational foundation, as well as the supplements to enhance our customers’ lifestyle, to assure each and every person that walks through the door of the Max Muscle store that their goals can be reached.

You honestly know, without question, that there is no super pill that can get your body into the shape that you truly wish it was. The Max Muscle business model is built around nutritional information and fitness education.  Our stores are manned with Certified Fitness Nutrition Coaches™ (CFNC™), which means they've been certified by a third-party with a level of knowledge to assure our customers that they are fitness and nutritional questions are being answered by a professional. Before a supplement is even sold in our store a CFNC™ listens to your concerns, goals, and your picture of a personal body transformation. The answers you then receive consist of professional advice on how you can reach that goal.

That is why the 2014 MaxFormation Life Challenge is putting so much emphasis on education. We know people struggle with how their bodies look and feel. We know that our customers have tried fad diets and proposed wonder pills that will change your body overnight. We started this business, now more than 150 stores strong, for this very reason. We started the MaxFormation Life Challenge and its $25,000 Grand Prize, to place emphasis into the fact that fitness comes from a proper nutritional base and exercise.

For these reasons we invite you, or somebody you know, the guidance to transform.

The Max Muscle $25,000 MaxFormation Life Challenge begins December 1st.  Our commitment is based on that desire you have to get to where you want to go.  Today is the perfect day to walk through the door of the Max Muscle store near you and ask the CFNC™ who works there this question; How can you help me reach my goal?

It's that simple.  It's up to you to ask.