2013 MaxFormation Winner Steps Down

Posted in: Real People  on Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Brian Furer, 2013 MaxFormation Life Challenge Winner, resigns his position in a letter to Max Muscle Sports Nutrition President Sean Greene...

20 Aug 2013

Dear Sean,

I would like to express my most sincere gratitude and appreciation for selecting me as the 2013 Max Formation Challenge Champion!  The day that call came was one of the happiest of my life, truly an honor, the biggest form of flattery one could imagine.  It was a dream come true, a dream I previously thought only happened to….. other people.  From the bottom of my heart, I thank you and all the judges who voted for me.

However, that being said, this letter that I send to you today is for a different purpose.  I would like to address two topics: that of my mistakes made in 2008, my errors in following contest guidelines, and finally will conclude with a decision I have made, painfully.

Sean, you and I have spoke at length about the incident I was involved in five years ago, and I will forever appreciate your support and that you believe in me.  As you know, my attempt to self medicate a lifelong sleep disorder, without proper prescription, ended in arrest.  There was no distribution, no physical harm done to any person, in fact, the purpose was NOT even for muscle growth or fat loss, it was solely for sleep aid – but despite these facts coming to light in the legal system and the proceedings were resolved acceptably, the media had already painted a very different picture of me.  This bad press destroyed my life, my career, my home, my reputation, and my pride.  Since then I have fought an uphill battle, toiled diligently, to repair my life.  First I repaired my legal environment, then my career, and finally, this year, with the help of Max Muscle products and the great guys at my chosen franchise location, I repaired the final element, my health, fitness, appearance and pride!  I thought I had finally worked past the aftermath left by that negative media – until the day I was notified that it had come to light as a result of my MaxForm victory, and was causing very negative effect within the organization.  While the media is not accurate, I have learned the hard way it will still influence people’s perception of me, and I have suffered greatly for years afterwards as a result of it.  It appears that I shall yet again.

I cannot, in good conscience, allow you and the organization to fall victim to the same scrutiny and stigma as I have as a result of this negative press.

Additionally, there have been many questions raised within the Max Muscle community as to whether or not I cheated, or followed the rules properly.  I did not cheat, and have volunteered and urged to be drug tested to clear that aspect.   You have verified all photos are legitimate from electronic date imprints, and so on.  However, there is a topic in which I fell short.  Not cheating, per se, but did not fulfill the requirements of the competition – I did not do the monthly weigh in and body fat percentage test.  Also, my social interaction on MyMaxMuscle.com was far, far less than many others in the top 10.  Why? Simple – I didn’t realize it was something to be done! Overloaded with training and work, I likely passed over that detail carelessly. My log in sessions at that time were momentary at best – take care of business, and then back to work.  While the rules may not state any minimum requirement or guideline for social interaction, it has occurred to me that this illustrates a deeper rooted point.  I realized that if I was too inundated to notice the requirements for weigh ins and social interaction, and once I DID realize it was going on, too inundated to be able to pick up and follow suit on the same level as others……. I may possibly be too inundated with competing, work, and such to do the proper due diligence in representation of Max Muscle as is required of a Champion Spokesperson.  With only so many hours in the day, and being only human, if I am too overloaded to do the activities required of a spokesperson, I would not be holding up my end of the bargain, not be doing my job. I wouldn’t feel right about that.

Therefore, I have realized that there are other competitors in the top 10 that DID complete ALL requirements, meanwhile continually being exemplary leaders in the MyMaxMuscle.com community, highly motivating and interactive – one of them may be better suited and be more capable of representing this great organization as it deserves.

Finally, as a result of the two above topics, there has been a tremendous amount of negative energy generated.  Negativity is not what this contest is meant to be about, it is meant to be a transformation FROM the negative TO the positive.  Therefore, I want to end this negative energy…….for myself, for the organization, and for the innocent bystanders in MyMaxMuscle.com who are there for the right reason- positive reinforcement.

Sometimes doing what is right is the hardest thing of all to do, and I have struggled deeply with this, as it is an honor that meant so much to me, and I truly wanted.  But alas, I feel it is my duty, my responsibility to do what is necessary.  In view of these topics discussed, with this letter I thank you graciously once again, but step down from the position of 2013 MaxForm Champion, and allow that honor to be passed to someone who is a better fit for the role than I.

With deepest appreciation,


 Brian A. Furer