November 1, 2013

A "Nutrition Evaluation" at Max Muscle Sports Nutrition means we work directly with you and your specific goals to determine what supplementation your body needs to perform at its optimal level whether it is during an athletic performance or just surviving a typical day. To achieve the physique and feeling you have always wanted, healthy lifestyle changes are needed. Your evaluation is designed specifically for you, your goals, and what you want out of life.

How It Works: A Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach™ assesses your current 'state of being' by analyzing your gender, age, height, weight, basic metabolic rate (BMR), thermic effect of foods, your body composition, daily schedule, food preferences, and current exercise activity.

With your information, we develop your Nutrition Plan: Created for your body to guide you to your health and fitness goals in a safe, effective, and proven healthy plan.

At Max Muscle, we'll show you a specific, yet simple, way to eat properly. Through your personalized Nutrition evaluation, we help you to understand:

• What foods to eat
• How much to eat
• When to eat
• How it relates to your body
• How it relates to your lifestyle

Our follow up meetings give you the ability to select food items that fit your lifestyle. This reinforced education helps you to continue this lifestyle on your own with a evaluation - a blueprint - for your continued success. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we'll get you started right away!

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Ites been 4 years, 11 months, 18 days, 19 hours and 20 minutes since I was diagnosed with a life altering problem. I would have to say it changed my life forever. Letes rewind back to those glory days before my life suddenly took a major detour.

Its November, 9th 2006, ites a normal day for a young adult in his prime. I was a very active and social individual. I had everything in life going great; I had a fantastic job, loving family; just all around incredible life. Up till then I had been working out, and I was looking the best I had ever been and feeling strong. I was 185lbs, 5% body fat with a promising future ahead of me. I believed nothing in this world could ever touch me. Hey I was a 25, went through some hard times growing up, it seemed fair to have a small ego. Up till then I would never have guessed what would happen to me 3 days later.

On November, 12th 2006 I came down with a 104 degree fever and a strong pain in my stomach. The pain was crippling, it drove me nuts to the point that I had no other choice then to go to the emergency room. Now, I spent 3 weeks in the intensive care unit with and monitors running 24/7; who would have guessed that this was the last time I would ever be normal or be well again. I was diagnosed with a sever disease called eUlcerative Colitisi or eCrohnes diseasei. For those of you, who might not know what this disease entails Iell explain; U.C. (Ulcerative Colitis) is an intestinal disease that attacks the inner lining of your stomach, all the way down to your small intestines; it is ulcers that align your intestinal wall that get inflamed with whatever you eat. As you eat, the food runs past your stomach wall and down your intestines; as it does it rubs against these eulcersi making them open and bleed out. Trust me it is very painful, like hunched over bring me to my knees in pain. Until then I had never felt pain like that, Ieve been in accidents and Ieve ripped muscles, but nothing could compare to the pain I felt that day.

Since then for over 4 years I have been to 15 specialists, 10 Emergency Room visits and 7 surgical procedures, but nothing worked. I was diminishing fast, I was dropping further and further from reality and started believing I had nothing else to live for; as we tried to figure out what was wrong with me. U.C. isnet a disease that only attackes one area and there is no known cure for it. This disease has multiple forms and it can affect various parts within different individuals. So finding out what was wrong with me and fixing it was an adventure that was getting real old real fast. Not to mention that since I was diagnosed I havenet been able to keep a job because I was in so much pain, which means, I also lost my health insurance. Ieve been paying out of pocket for every procedure since the beginning. It was getting hard to live. My whole family was physically and financially drained, I was starting to believe that nothing was ever going to get fixed and I couldnet put my family or friends through it anymore. There was nothing more we could do; I was at the end of my sanity. I was ready to quit.

3 months ago, as I was surging to end of all hope I tried my one and only option. As I walked by Max Muscle of Manassas I noticed a particular sign on the door. I figured that if the doctors couldnet fix me, maybe I was looking in the wrong place. This sign read eFree Nutrition Consultation insidei; who would have thought that my shining light, my soul and freedom was right inside. As I walked in, I was greeted with friendly faces and a person who would change my life forever. I approached the counter and ask to talk with a nutritionist. Now remember I was 140lbs at 5e10i; I was skin and bones and I was pale as snow. To my surprise I was greeted with complete passion and overwhelming genuine concern when I asked to talk with a certified nutritionist. My nutritionist is the person who has filled my life with hope, her name is Shelby. It is hard to put in words to how inviting and beautiful her personality is and how genuinely concerned she is when someone needs her help. I sat down and explained what my life was like and what problems I was having; it was hard to keep the tears back.

Without any hesitation she performs a miracle that I would never thought it was possible. She came up with a plan on how to attack this situation and I couldnet help but be hesitant on if this could work but I had no other options. Ieve been on Shelbyes nutrition plan for over 3 months now; Iem back to my original weight, Iem working out again, and Ieve never been so happy in my life. Without going to Max Muscle and Shelby, I probably wouldnet be here today. They saved my life and I owe it all to the passion of those great friends at Max Muscle. I will never forget what they did for me and how impossible my situation was, they saved my life.

Thank you Max Muscle of Manassas!

Antonio Villahermosa

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