MAX ARM Pink Lemonade

MAX ARM Pink Lemonade
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Max ARM (Anabolic Recovery Matrix) from Max Muscle Sports Nutrition was designed to follow rapid recovery and anabolic science. Created to be the ultimate post-workout formula, Max ARM provides the necessary nutrients to support maximum muscle mass activation, restore fluids and electrolytes, replenish glycogen and accelerate overall muscle recovery and repair.

What is it?

The science of recovery shows that there are three critical requirements for optimal muscle recovery and repair following an intense exercise session. First, is the replacement of fluids and electrolytes. Second, is the rapid replenishment of muscle glycogen. And third, is the replacement of amino acids to support the muscle rebuilding process and minimize muscle protein breakdown. 
To support protein synthesis and nitrogen retention, each serving of Max ARM delivers 28 grams (56 percent DV) of the highest quality blend of whey protein isolate (WPI) and whey protein concentrate (WPC) available. Max ARM contains the Muscle Akt/mTOR and p70 S6k Activator Blend. Muscle Akt/mTOR and p70 S6k kinases are muscle enzyme activators of protein synthesis and they are supported by the branched-chain amino acids along with arginine, citrulline malates and the same proprietary blends found in Max Muscle’s Cx3 including CreaPure, Creatine MagnaPower and Creatine Pyruvate. 
What makes Max ARM so special?  Take a look at this introduction video Brian Sherwood, CFNC, made for his customers in the Modesto, California marketplace!

Still need more information?  We've got it!  Our San Mateo Max Muscle Sports Nutrition store featured our Chief Science Office, Dr. Phil Harvey, addressing 150+ stores about ARM.  This is a must listen!

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Dan Harrison
Nov 22, 2014
This newest flavor ARM is the perfect cool citrus blast after a gut twisting workout. Refreshing, protein-packed, and just incredible.
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