Naturliga Vegan Protein

Naturliga™ Protein is a new and exciting all natural, 100% plant-based vegetarian protein. Naturliga™ Protein provides a pure and high quality pea protein isolate delivering 16 grams protein and 9 grams fiber per serving. Naturliga™ Protein is dairy and soy free, gluten free, cholesterol free, is non-GMO, made with natural flavors and contains no artificial colors. It is easily digested, hypoallergenic and perfect for vegans/vegetarians or anyone looking for a great tasting and satisfying protein shake.

Naturliga™ Protein contains pea protein isolate derived from Canadian yellow peas which offers a high level of quality and composition and designed to optimize positive nitrogen balance and support weight management, satiety and lean muscle. The vegetarian protein delivers a high level of functionality and nutrition. Published research shows that vegetable proteins are as effective in enhancing muscle protein synthesis and recovery compared to whey protein in addition to offering a high level of functionality and nutritional benefits.


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