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Aug 25, 2015
I've taken quite a few different thermogenics in the past and I always come back to LipoRED for results. I like to stack this with the Cleanse and Lean for added results and keeping my body cleansed while burning more calories, helping suppress my appetite and giving me much more energy with no crash. Good product, praying they don't change any of the formula like most thermogenics do after a while.
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Dec 3, 2015
I got to the Max Muscle store in downtown long beach quite often. I bought this last year to see what it was about. The guy who runs the shop highly suggested this along with cleanse and lean and emerge. It was pricey so decided to get the LipoRed first and come back later for the rest. I swear, by the time I was finished with the bottle which is a month supply, I lost 10 lbs! When I started i was 201-202 lb. When I was finished to the last few gelcaps, I was 192ish. Be careful not to take it too late in the evening. Anyways, besides that I have to say its worth every penny. My friend always hooks me up with a 5 dollar discount so its only $45 for me. I will see him tomorrow to go get some. But yes it really does work, just drink lots of water and take it before 3pm. It evicts stored body fat and helps you burn off fat easily and efficiently. This was the only supplement that gave me results like this! To be honest I wasn't on a strict diet well I ate healthy meals with plenty carbs Monday to Friday and then had a cheat weekend. Didn't always have 3 meals a day either just one big meal and a small snack. I made sure not to eat after 7pm unless it was the weekend. The pills will help clean you out as well. There were days I i skipped a dose and even skipped a day or two. But the scale still kept showing progress. SO GET YOURS CUZ I'M A GONNA GET MINE. Thanks Max Muscle!!!
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Jan 13, 2017
I shop the Moline, IL location. I purchased once I stopped breastfeeding. I tried hard to lose the weight and fat I carried for years, even as a distance runner and lifter. This stuff worked crazy fast. Gave me some jitters(I take fasted), so I divide one capsule into two vegetarian capsules, so bottle lasted longer too. Still great results. Body fat from 22% to 16% I'm less then 2 months. Worth the price 200%! Only would ask to use vegetarian capsules instead of geletan.
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Nov 5, 2015
When I was introduce this pills I was totally blown away.. and, ever since, I've seen the big difference and, my most pleasant & accomplishment results... Thank you, Thank you very much...
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