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Jen Stevens Jen Stevens Jen Stevens

 1.  Full name, and city of residence? 
Jennifer (I go by Jen) Mayumi Stevens, East Bay Nor Cal

2. What Max Muscle supplements do you take?
I cycle these depending on my training-Emerge, Full Blown, Cleanse and Lean, LipoRed, EFA’s, Creatine, BCAA’s just to name a few!

3. What is your favorite Max Muscle supplement and/or favorite MM?

4. What do you like best about Max Muscle supplements?
RESULTS!!!  I’ve used several other products in the past, and I never really knew if they were working, but I have no doubt Max Muscle products work and I know that from my personal experience!  Also, as an athlete it's good to know that all of their products are tested, clean and safe.

5. What is your daily diet plan like?
I like healthy foods like white fish, lots of green veggies, brown rice, oatmeal, almond butter and my favorite cheat meal is frozen yogurt!  I eat 6 small meals a day and snack on cucumbers and celery.  I eat a lot of protein and fish.  I love tuna, salmon and I actually do LOVE Tilapia!

6. What are your top five training tips for being a successful pro bikini fitness competitor?
1- Always be consistent. In any fitness routine you have to be consistent. My trainer, Kenny Tali, says even if it’s a home video you just have to DO IT!
2- PUSH yourself and set GOALS! CELEBRATE small victories each day-nothing is better than positive reinforcement!  Don’t put yourself down!  Just believe in you can do it and YOU WILL!
3- Make it FUN so you will look forward to your work outs!
4 -Working out is STRESS RELIEF!  This is very helpful for me, and I use my gym time as “ME TIME”.  Just download your favorite songs to keep you in a good mood and to motivate you to GET OFF the COUCH and GO to the GYM!!
5- BE HONEST with yourself-no excuses! You are only cheating yourself in the end, right? Train the body parts you hate to train, and make them your FAVORITE!

7. How do you stay motivated?
By challenging myself every time I work out and comparing my reps/sets I completed the previous time I did that exercise last work out, it pushes me to do better.   I just try to beat my last record and focus on improving!  On my tough days I have a fantastic support system between my hubby, coach, team mates, strength coach and friends, I have a lot of really positive people standing behind me to be sure I stay focused, healthy and happy.  I am very blessed!!  Another BIG motivator for me during my work out is to look at motivational pictures of other athletes and read positive quotes on IG or Twitter. 

8. Who inspires you and why?
Nicole Wilkins even though she is not a bikini competitor, you can just see the determination in her eyes, but she is also so down to earth in person.  I think she is a great role model for athletes and women.  I also am so inspired by Jamie Eason, she was one of the original fitness models that really made competing much more popular and she paved the way for many female athletes!  I think when Jamie became very popular; it was also when people started to see that muscles can be sexy on women. 

9. What does being a part of Team Max mean to you?
Being a part of Team Max couldn’t be more perfect for me.  Max Muscle has been there for me since day 1 of my fitness journey!  This is how I lost 20lbs and met my amazing Prep Coach, Ken Tali and my team, Ken’s Barbies.  The supplements have taken me from chubby and overweight only a year ago to become a bikini athlete, then a National competitor and all the way to earn my Pro card!  Each phase I used different Max Muscle supplements to get me the optimal results I needed to mold and shape my physique for stage. 
10. What is your favorite quote?

"Beauty is the best possible version of yourself on the inside and out."-author unknown

11. What is your advice to others who aspire to be like you?
It is so important to believe in yourself.  Always remember that the athletes that seem like super heroes on stage and in magazines are only people just like you, so if your dream is to be a fitness competitor or to be in the best shape of your life, then you absolutely can do it!  Just be consistent and keep moving in a forward motion towards achieving your goals…not finish lines…because there is no such thing!  You just keep moving and growing into a better version of yourself.  BELIEVE that the sky is the limit and go after what you want without fear holding you back!  Take the first step and GO!

12. What is your favorite body part to train and why and what are some of your favorite exercises?
Gluteus Maximus!  I like Romanian dead lifts, glute bridges with a barbell, and single legged leg press. I also like working my shoulders using military presses with dumb bells or rear delts using the fly machine.  I feel empowered when I lift heavy!

13. Favorite cheat meal?
FROYO is my absolute FAVORITE!! And cookies!! #cookiemonster

14. What is your training routine like each week?
5 day weight training-3 leg/glute days, 2 upper body days/circuits and 2 days Pilates, 3-5 days of cardio depending on how close I am to a show. Basically 2times a day every day-remember I love the gym :0) and being active!  Hiking is something I love to do too! 

15. What is your competition history?
When did you get involved in bikini competitions and how long have you been in it?

I started competing 1 year ago-7 shows total to date:

June 8th, 2012- 7th place
10/2012- 2nd place
11/2/12- 3rd place
11/9/12- Nationals 2012-11th place
05/11/13- Overall and 1st place
05/18/13- JR USA’s 2nd overall and 1st place and earned my Pro Card!
June 8th, 2013 (exactly 1 year since my 1st show AT the same show I did my very 1st show!) 10th place for my PRO DEBUT-room to grow!!  I am more motivated now than ever before to place at my next PRO show!

16. What is your most notable achievement?
So far is has been earning my IFBB Pro Bikini card at Jr. USA’s.  That show just felt I was on cloud 9 the entire time.

17. What are your goals for the coming year?
I would love nothing more than to step on that BIG O stage!  Most of all, I am very passionate about helping fellow athletes in this sport that are just starting out!  I host posing clinics, often times free of charge, so I can help others learn to pose and all of the ins and outs to competing that you just can’t find by using “GOOGLE” alone!!  It means a lot to me to be able to inspire at least 1 other person to be fit and feel good in their own skin.  That is more important to me than winning a trophy.