Determination Defines John Dewitt's Pro Career

Posted in: Real People  on Wednesday, August 20, 2008
By Summer Wadsworth

How do you spell determination? Try a capital "D." John Dewitt graduated from Vanderbilt in 1993, playing football there as a defensive lineman. After trying out with the San Francisco 49ers, he went back to coach Southside High School, his Fort Smith, Arkansas, alma mater. After a year, he departed for a spot on the Houston Oilers roster and made it in 1995, playing at 260 pounds, about 15 more than he carried in college. 1996 saw him playing football in Scotland. In 1997 he returned to the United States and played for the Nashville Kats, returning to Europe for their 1998 NFL season.

Dewitt needed a little more muscle to play here, so he went to the Max Muscle Huntington Beach store, and began taking Max Muscle's Alpha One. After six weeks, he was a stronger 285 pounds, setting a personal record for 30 bench press reps (with 225 pounds on the bar, a standard NFL strength test). He became a top lineman for the Buffalo Destroyers, and then tried out for the Buffalo Bills, whose Team Doctor found out - to Dewitt's surprise - that the "sore" jaw he had been playing with was actually broken. He's now taking Max Muscle's Triple Fusion, has added another 10 pounds, and upped his bench press. John now looks set for returning to the NFL and playing with the Buffalo Bills next season.

Dewitt credits a good part of his being able to get back to the NFL, to BJ Swaldi, Max Muscle products, and the knowledgeable staff at Max Muscle of Huntington Beach.