Turkey Chili

Posted in: Recipes  on Monday, August 25, 2008
By Cynthia Hill
Are you eating enough protein? Did you know that protein is one of the primary building blocks in gaining muscle mass? Are you aware that building muscle burns fat?

I have noticed that many women I’ve trained over the years do not intake enough protein. If you want to develop sexy, lean muscle tone, you may need to increase the amount of protein in your diet. How do you know how much is enough?

For me, I eat a one to one ratio of protein to body weight so I try to consume at least 130 grams of protein a day. Remember, it is also important to eat enough carbohydrates and fat in your diet.

Types of protein:
Grade A Protein Type
Grade B Protein Type
• Fish (tuna, halibut, cod, orange roughy, salmon, red snapper)
•Meat (lean chicken, steak, turkey, pork)
• Egg whites
• Milk (low fat milk, cottage cheese, yogurt)
• Any foods containing high sulfur amino acids (cystine and cysteine)
• Beans (kidney beans, black beans, soy beans, refried beans, chili beans, garbanzo beans)
• Peas
• Cereals
• Nuts (non-salted peanuts, cashews, walnuts, almonds)
• Any foods that contain low sulfur amino acids
Since proteins are part of our living processes, our bodies would not be able to exist without a supply of essential amino acids. A few of the consequences of protein deficiency are anemia, loss of resistance to infection, and impairment of internal and external organs. Protein not only helps build muscle, it also strengthens and lengthens your hair and nails.

So if you think you are not getting enough protein in your diet, I have included one of my favorite high protein recipes. This recipe can be found in my cook-book Cooking with Cynthia. This is an easy, tasty and healthy meal.

Here’s the recipe below:
Turkey Chili
• 4 oz extra lean ground turkey
• 1 cup tomato sauce
• 1 red medium onion
• 1 green bell pepper
• ½ cup kidney beans
• 1 small sweet onion
• ½ cup chili beans

Grill and brown the turkey with three dashes of cayenne pepper and three dashes of garlic. Add all ingredients in a pot and bring to a boil. Add ground turkey and reduce heat.

Makes 1 serving

Serving  1
Calories  470
Protein 48g
Carbs 85g
Fat 1.7g

Note: If you are vegetarian, try substituting the turkey for tofu or some other non-meat protein source. You can also substitute soybeans for the kidney or chili beans. If you like spicier chili, add jalapenos to the recipe.

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