Posted in: Body Building  on Tuesday, June 30, 2015
Sherry Bedoya, 50, from Dixon, California is a determined and strong-willed woman. In fact, so strong-willed and determined that after seeing herself in a picture from a cruise back in 2010 when she had reached an all-time low and her weight peaked at an all-time high of 210 pounds, she decided enough was enough. Time for a change – and she had a big one in mind. 
Not one to be told what she can and cannot do, Sherry found her inner resolve and strength when she first made the decision to make serious lifestyle changes and regain her fit and healthy body. As a transplant nurse, Sherry knows firsthand the importance of maintaining a healthy body, but she wanted even more than that. Sherry announced to close family and friends that she wanted to compete in a bikini competition for her 50th birthday!
At first, those closest to her told her she didn’t need to do that. Some even called her a bit crazy. But for Sherry, this wasn’t a crazy goal. It was a dream, and one she was totally confident she could achieve if she was willing to commit to it and work hard enough.
At first she tried various assorted fad diets, but eventually Sherry hired trainer Rick Warren who introduced her to Dianne Carlos, owner of Max Muscle Natomas and Knockoutz. Dianne created a customized nutrition plan for Sherry and educated her about nutrition as fuel for the body. She encouraged Sherry to sign up for the 2013 MaxForm Challenge, and through hard work, Sherry completed the challenge in the top 20 that year.
At first it was all about learning healthy nutritional choices for Sherry. “I was doing other diets and other meal replacement options, but Dianne taught me how to use real food, use it as fuel for your body and how to use healthy supplements,” she said. “As much as I push myself with my trainers, I have to use glutamine for my recovery.”
Sherry used the 2014 MaxForm Challenge to help her train to compete in her first bikini competition. In June 2014, she shared the stage at the NGA Natural Mr./Ms. California Pro Qualifier with several women much younger than her.
It felt great, but Sherry was confident about herself and knew that just being up on stage would give her a huge sense of accomplishment. In front of her proud husband and three grown children (ages 20, 23 and 24), a 50-year-old Sherry fulfilled a dream.
Sherry was willing to say she wanted to train until she could compete, but being able to say something and then actually doing it is quite different.
Now after 18 months, two MaxForm Challenges and many hours of training, Sherry is the first to encourage others to set high goals and dream big. According to Sherry, “I think the hardest thing is patience. You do all this work and make all these changes but you have to have patience in seeing [your body] change. Others see it. You have to trust the process.” 
When asked how she did it, this go-getter answered, “You need to start, be persistent and trust the process. It doesn’t matter your age, it might take you a little longer, you might have to work harder at it, but it can be done.” MS&F