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People visit Max Muscle stores every day with specific questions and goals in mind. But the majority of customers are looking for help with either weight loss or sports performance. In this article, we highlight Emerge and Cleanse & Lean for those who are driven to lose. (Be sure to check back in August for an online exclusive story for those who are driven to perform!) 
Why these two products for those who are driven to lose? Cleanse & Lean combined with Emerge provides a potent fat-burning/body-cleansing combination. The fiber content and stimulant in Emerge will complement the additional fiber and cleansing properties of Cleanse & Lean to further the flushing effect, ensuring your G.I. tract is in tip-top shape. This stack will ensure you are losing weight from both fat and unwanted waste, with a side order of energy to boot!
Everyone, no matter what size, shape, age, gender or ethnicity, has the ability to speed up his or her metabolism. Despite a common misconception, large or overweight people generally have a faster metabolism than smaller people do because the more tissue on our body, the more energy (calories) it takes to sustain it. As weight loss occurs, our metabolism slows down because there is simply less of us to “heat up,” meaning we need fewer calories. This is a big reason we plateau in our weight-loss efforts, or in most cases, gain the weight back. Emerge was designed to speed your metabolism. Ingredients such as caffeine, green tea extract and Advantra Z actually promote additional calorie burning in the body, providing a thermogenic effect, even if we don’t do anything! 
Of course we know that the right exercise plan is critical. That, combined with Emerge, will keep your metabolism going, even as your weight loss continues and will help to avoid and/or breakthrough the dreaded plateau.
Increased Fat Burning
Muscle makes us look toned, healthy and sexy. Muscle also requires three times more calories to exist in our body than fat does, which is why it is so critically important that when we lose weight, we lose fat and not muscle. Emerge promotes “fuel partitioning” by shifting the use of fat for fuel rather than for storage. So, instead of storing fat on our stomach, hips or thighs, we will use the fat to give us energy while maintaining our precious muscle. 
Emerge promotes fat breakdown, transport and fat burning with the ingredients, caffeine, green tea extract, L-carnitine, L-taurine, yohimbine, octopamine, NADH, adenosine, vinpocetine and evodiamine. These ingredients work synergistically to improve body composition by burning fat and sparing muscle. The more muscle you maintain (and build) during your weight loss, the more your metabolism will be elevated and burning fat.
Powerful Appetite Control
A big reason people say that they gave up on their weight-loss goals? Hunger. Emerge contains Advantra Z, hoodia gordinii and yohimbine for appetite suppression. In addition to fat breakdown and increasing metabolism, Advantra Z helps control appetite. Hoodia gordonii is a plant that has been used for thousands of years as an appetite suppressant. Hoodia is believed to signal the brain to make us feel full and to reduce food cravings. Yohimbine, which is often used as an aphrodisiac, also has been shown to reduce appetite and food cravings.
The best way to stay motivated on your plan is to see results. Emerge includes a healthy dose of fiber in each serving. Fiber will help remove the bloat and flatten out your stomach, delivering quick results and providing the motivation you need to keep going. 
In addition, we’ve included key ingredients such as green tea extract, panax ginseng and glucuronolactone, as these help provide enhanced energy, a sense of well-being and improved focus. 
The Advantra Z Advantage
Emerge contains a patented ingredient called Advantra Z, which is an extract of a citrus fruit and has been shown to be effective in fat breakdown, thermogenesis, appetite control and ultimately, in increasing the ratio of lean muscle to total body mass. While this ingredient increases our metabolic rate, helping us burn more calories, it does this without increasing our heart rate or raising blood pressure! Advantra Z has also shown to improve athletic performance.
Multi-Faceted Approach
Improving body composition requires a multi-faceted approach. Your nutrition plan, exercise plan and attitude are all critical components to success. Emerge helps with all three components by keeping your metabolism revved up, providing energy to get you through your workouts and by making you feel happy and motivated! Make this the summer you feel sexy and confident with everything you do by using Max Muscle's body-slenderizing product, Emerge. 
Emerge now comes in 14 flavors with two more delicious flavors arriving soon! Visit your local Max Muscle store today and try a free sample! 
“Emerge has been my main go-to product since I first began my weight loss and fitness journey,” says Jen Stevens, a bikini competitor and Team Max athlete. “It helps me stay focused, keep my energy levels up without harsh crashes or jitters, it curbs my appetite, and I never get bored because there's so many flavors to choose from! I love what Emerge has done for my body transformation!”
"I drink Emerge twice per day: Tangerine Dream in the morning with breakfast and then Wild Cherry Tart as my sweet treat in the afternoon. Emerge gives me a huge burst of energy and helps me stay on track with my meal plan by curbing my appetite and giving me extra strength to resist temptation."
–Jenny Broers, MaxForm Champion 
Have you ever tried a cleanse before? Was it easy to adhere to? Were the results worth the suffering? Did you perhaps gain back the weight lost during the cleanse? Cleanse & Lean by Max Muscle Sports Nutrition is the premier non-invasive cleanse, developed especially for your needs! It is one of the most effective products on the market with multifunctional benefits, including weight loss and digestive health. Gone are the days of sipping on nothing but lemon juice, cayenne and syrup (a common cleanse regimen). Not only have these cleanses proved to be damaging on the body’s metabolism and lean muscle tissue, they haven’t even been proven to work. Instead of putting your body through something unnecessary with unproven results, why not try a safe, effective solution? Enter Cleanse & Lean.
What Is It?
Cleanse & Lean is a blend of herbs and fiber, designed to cleanse out the digestive tract of unwanted buildup of waste that collects over time. Ingredients like dandelion root, horsetail and barberry will provide a reduction of bloating via a safe, natural diuretic effect. Ingredients such as slippery elm bark, senna, fennel, aloe vera extract, cascara, turkey rhubarb and psyllium husk fiber all help to maintain a healthy digestive tract. 
Is It For Me? 
Cleanse & Lean was developed with a few demographics in mind, with lots of potential overlap within these groups. For one, anyone looking to lose weight and reveal abdominal definition could benefit from Cleanse & Lean’s slimming effects. Furthermore, Cleanse & Lean can aid in reduction of excess bloating via its water loss effects, spurred in large part by the dandelion root. Cleanse & Lean can act as an excellent starting point solution for anyone looking to achieve a ‘blank slate’ status for their health in terms of ridding the body of excess unwanted waste product. Anyone looking to add additional forms of fiber into their diet for digestive health may benefit as well. If one or more of these effects sounds like it could be beneficial for you, it may be time to give Cleanse & Lean a try.
"Many women suffer from digestive issues. I, too, used to have severe bloating and carried extra water weight, which made me look puffy or heavier than normal. Cleanse & Lean was a huge factor to help get rid of that extra puffy look and keep my digestive system functioning well so I can look my absolute best on stage! I feel better, too. No one wants to look like a marshmallow or feel like they are filled with waste. Get the toxins out of your body and feel renewed, lighter and healthy with Cleanse & Lean!" 
– Jen Stevens, Bikini Competitor & Team Max Athlete
Synergy with other key fat-burning and muscle-building products will really put the weight-loss odds in your favor. Try Emerge and Cleanse & Lean with these other Max Muscle products for even better results:
LipoRed: Cleanse & Lean can be used in conjunction with LipoRed to ensure the body is firing on all cylinders to shed the maximum amount of weight in a healthy capacity. LipoRed will drop the weight via thermogenesis while Cleanse & Lean will drop waste weight. Both will combine to reveal the maximum amount of definition.
Lean Cycle: For best results, combine Cleanse & Lean with LipoRed and Emerge to leverage the maximum weight loss results. Always be sure to consult with your local Max Muscle for proper dosing when combining different products.
Probiotics: Most importantly, a cycle of Cleanse & Lean should be followed up with a round of probiotics (though most would benefit from probiotics year round). This is because Cleanse & Lean does not distinguish between good and bad bacteria, meaning good bacteria can be shed from the body as well. To ensure the body has a healthy supply of probiotics, it is recommended that users supplement their intake post-cleansing to restore healthy levels.
Always remember, before trying your own personal cycle of Cleanse & Lean or Emerge, or any sort of health and nutrition regimen, please consult with your physician. MS&F