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Mom Makeover Workout

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

If your post-baby body has got you wondering if you’ll be able to rock a swimsuit this summer, the answer is YES!   Having children can temporarily change your body and increase ... More

Family Nutrition 101 - Plus Recipes

Posted in: Recipes

Kari Burghardt, a Chandler, Arizona-based mother of two young children and author of “Diet Makeover for Moms,” realized early on that her son was a very picky eater. She recalls ... More

Be a Healthy Mom

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

Everyone knows her – she’s the mom who seems to have it all. She’s drop-dead gorgeous, has a body to die for, a beautiful family, and the perfect career. It’s ... More

Moms: Love the Skin You're In!

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Mamas have been comparing stretch marks and other baby battle scars since the beginning of time. There is one elephant in the room, though, when it comes to our post-baby ... More

Real Moms - Real Results

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These women from all over the United States decided that they weren't going to be chained to obesity and bad habits any longer. Each found the help they needed at ... More

Where's Your Finish Line?

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A "Nutrition Evaluation" at Max Muscle Sports Nutrition means we work directly with you and your specific goals. Our professionals at Max Muscle are here to help! More