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What does your gut microbiome say about you?

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

You came here looking for information regarding health and fitness, correct? Well, I’m about to reveal the secret to unlocking many of the mysteries surrounding your health, happiness, physical, and ... More

5 Ways to Speed Up Your Metabolism

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

We have all heard the word metabolism, but many of us do not exactly know what it means. We mostly associate it with a categorization of someone’s body type by ... More

Total Weight Loss System

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

Nothing worth having comes easy. Health and fitness is no different. Going from neutral (or worse) to healthy and getting in shape requires a dedication to a lifestyle change. This ... More

Mark's Beach-Ready Workout

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

Mark Sindayen and Lauren Irick entered Max Muscle's Best Beach ... More

Lauren's Beach-Ready Workout

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

Mark Sindayen and Lauren Irick entered Max Muscle's Best Beach Body contest last year and won! Not only did they take home $1,000 in prizes but they were awarded their ... More

2016 Max Muscle Product Catalog

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

The nation's #1 Sports Nutrition company outlines their entire product catalog. Max Muscle Sports Nutrition has emerged as the 'go to place' for education, quality ingredients guarantee, tens of thousands ... More

Valentine Treat

Posted in: Recipes

TREAT YOUR VALENTINE: VEGAN CHOCOLATE TORTE   Creamy, luscious, rich, decadent: just some of the words to describe snowy, sultry, romantic February. Those were the most popular words expressed when asked what ... More


Posted in: Workout Guide

PILATES: CLEARING UP MYTHS & MISCONCEPTIONS   The past 15 years have seen an explosion of interest in the practice of Pilates, with estimates of the number of practitioners in the United ... More

Power Food Duos

Posted in: Basic Nutrition

Move over Kim and Kanye. Make room for these power couples that when paired help your body absorb their nutrients better than eating each of them alone. To maximize the ... More

Get Lean & Shredded

Posted in: Workout Guide

If your goal is to burn fat and transform your physique, your heart rate is key. It’s the speedometer to your body. Incorporating intense periods of exercise with short recovery ... More

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