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Supplement Guide

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

Losing fat comes down to two things: good nutrition and exercise. If you’re eating good-for-you foods when you are hungry and doing a solid amount of activity each week, you ... More

Train Your Brain

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

Train Your Brain to Achieve 2016 Resolutions!   During the new year, we all have the best of intentions to begin a healthier lifestyle, but many of us fail to keep the ... More

Celebrating 25 Years

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

In the cutthroat industry of health and fitness, companies come and go without warning. With 140+ stores across the United States, not only has Max Muscle remained a force to ... More

Cardio for a Healthy Mind & Body

Posted in: Workout Guide

Studies show that cardiovascular exercise can increase blood flow and release oxygen to our brain. Those endorphins keep us coming back for more. When you are excited about the exercise ... More

The Holiday Roast

Posted in: Recipes

We all get excited about the holidays and we all use the holidays to relax our diet just a little. Of course the usual protein suspects will probably be offered ... More

7 First Competition Tips

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

The unexplored path gives way to choices and steps you’ve never taken and although it may be intimidating it is all about taking that first step of faith. I haven’t ... More

Learn To Let Things Go

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

Nothing is truer than the lyrics of the old Neil Diamond tune Song Sung Blue: “Me and you are subject to the blues now and then.” We all feel blue ... More

Insurance Against Cold & Flu Season

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

Don’t have the time to be sick? Can’t afford to catch a cold? If you don’t have the space for sickness in your life (who does, really?), it might be ... More


Posted in: Sports Nutrition

When you’re seriously committed to your workout regimen, you may find that a number of things in life fall by the wayside. Maybe you always pass on having drinks with ... More


Posted in: Sports Nutrition

WHEN ONE DOOR CLOSES, sometimes – with a lot of faith and courage – another door will open. Meet Crystal Talley, 51, from Lorton, Virginia, a true fighter, who in ... More

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