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Ensure your child has a healthy future!   Of course you would do anything to protect your children. You take them for regular medical checkups, use car seats and seat belts appropriately, ... More


Posted in: Sports Nutrition

Weight Gain, Calories & Protein One of the most frequent concerns I hear from young athletes is, “Why can’t I gain weight? I eat everything, and I just can’t put on ... More


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5 Ways Kids Benefit from Exercise   What motivates kids to exercise? How can we as parents, teachers, coaches and role models help support kids to grow up living an active lifestyle ... More


Posted in: Performance Conditioning

Achieving Your Alpha (Male) Status   In the pursuit of optimal health, it is a must to identify and acknowledge gender-specific needs. In addition to other variables at play, including goal, schedule, ... More


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Is Your Teen Properly Fueled?   We all want our children to succeed in their personal development endeavors, from academia to youth sports. The best schools, coaches, equipment, training camps and trainers ... More

Best Beach Body

Posted in: Fitness Performance

Just for voting in Max Muscle Sports Nutrition's Best Beach Body contest we'll give you $10 off your next order of $50 or more!  You have until 8/31/15 at 11:53pm ... More

Beat the Heat!

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It's summer and that means lots of outdoor activities! And why not? Studies show it's good for your mind and body to be outside. However, it can get HOT out ... More

How to get Sexy Summer Hair

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Summer is here! Whether you’re planning on soaking up the sun by the beach, the pool or lakeside, remember to take good care of your hair. Exposure to UV rays, ... More

Balancing Body & Life

Posted in: Real People

Team Max athlete Leah Ward, a WBFF Pro and triathlete, and Alyx Ulbrich are both fitness competitors who have reached the pro level in the federation of World’s Beauty, Fitness, ... More

Choose Your Own Adventure!

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We consulted the Bucketlistblogger to recommed the best of the best summer fun outdoor activity and the result is a list like no other!     Nothing beats a great outdoor summer ... More

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