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Manassas, Virginia Max Muscle WEIGHT LOSS SUPERHERO

"I came to Max Muscle after hearing about it from my parents, who shop at the store in Missoula, Montana. At 31, I was tired of carrying around all the extra weight and wanting to get back to his Marine Corps weight. I also have a history of heart problems in my family and I wanted to ensure that I would live a long and healthy life."

Zeb signed up for a 12-week customized nutrition plan with Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist Shelby Kadyk. She says, "Zeb was such a pleasure to work with. He was passionate about reaching his goals, and I am so proud of him! It just took 12 weeks to break old mental habits and create new ones. He took the time to learn about why he ate the way he did, and how to all make it work between work, school, travel, etc. There is a way! It just takes dedication and Zeb exemplifies that perfectly."

In 12 weeks, Zeb lost 20 lbs, 5% body fat, and 8.75 inches on his body.

"The most common reaction from my friends and family is "holy cow." Many of them haven't seen me for several weeks or months. They can really see the difference in my face and how my clothes just hang off of me. Several of my co-workers have approached me recently and asked what I am doing, what I am eating, and if I am taking anything. Of course I am more than happy to tell them about the Max Muscle 3 month program and show off my eating schedule. Most are surprised that I actually get to eat "real food" and how often I do eat. The only words of advice I can share are that if you truly want to lose weight and get in better shape, it's as much of a mental challenge as a physical one. You have to want to reach your goals rather than just like to reach your goals."

1. Max Muscle Nutrition Plan
2. ThermXX,
3. Vitacell
4. Max Pro Orange
5. Gourmet Chocolate Banana Creme Pie protein
6. MN Flax Oil
7. Glutamine
8. Extinguisher
9. Iso Extreme

Proper nutrition was never my forte. I was born with phenylketonuria (PKU) and my body cannot process protein like it should, so a healthy diet for me meant low protein, and sugary treats counted as "good" nutrition. I had a fast I never gained weight on my all-sugar-and-carb diet but I had terrible skin problems and migraines. When I quit dancing, I gained so much weight that stretch marks covered me like spider webs. My butt and thighs were Cellulite Central and I had blubber over my tummy. I was sick more often than I was healthy, more often exhausted than energized.

In January 2008, I let my then-boyfriend drag me to the NBC4 Health & Fitness Expo in DC. I then let him drag me to the Max Muscle booth, and I had to admit that the sample Max Gourmet Protein tasted like chocolate pudding. And the Max Glutamine Chewables tasted like Sweet-Tarts. I entered the raffle Max Muscle was holding and I won!

I showed up to retrieve my prize, and store manager Shelby Kadyk set me up with a multivitamin, Max Gourmet Protein, Max Glutamine Chewables (grape -drool), Max Essential Fatty Acids, and a gorgeous Max Muscle gym bag. At the time, the purpose of all of these went right over my head. Shelby explained everything slowly and patiently, gave me information on each product, and gave me her own personal contact information for further support.

To Lose Weight

Perhaps it was the way Shelby made good nutrition and working out seem so easy, so logical, so... fun, but I began an ever-evolving workout program involving free weights and an increasing amount of cardio.

The results were immediate. Over a handful of months, I dropped 20 pounds. Cellulite Central was closed for business. My thighs were noticeably slimmer, my tummy was flatter, and, perhaps most amazing of all, my Jell-O arms had grown real honest-to-goodness biceps! Where I had once been a size 12 to 14, I am now sliding right into a size 6 and occasionally 4. My skin is clearer than ever and I have signed up for my first 5K. My family saw my transformation and began lifting and even stealing my Max Gourmet shakes!

I maintain that I was only able to keep it up due to the constant encouragement I get from Shelby and the rest of the Max Muscle crew. They are knowledgeable and always ready to help, they make honest recommendations rather than sales-pitches, and they are genuinely concerned with the well-being and success of their customers. I have made it a goal to have at least one tiny accomplishment to share with Shelby every time I walk into the store.

Jordan's Stack:
1. Max Gourmet
2. Max Glutamine Chewables (Grape)
3. Max Essential Fatty Acids
4. Vita-Cell Liquid Multivitamins
5. Barlean's Lemon Swirl Omega 3

Jennifer Salinas, a professional boxer ranked #12 in the U.S., came to Max Muscle seeking better endurance and recovery. She is 27 yrs. old, lives in Manassas, and is married with two kids. She won her May fight with a knock out and her next bout is Sept. 26th at the Patriot Center.

To improve her endurance and to recover better.

I was never into supplements before Max Muscle became part of my routine. I always had this idea that it would bulk me up, not knowing I was completely wrong. I'm sure I would have been further along in my career if I'd taken care of my body the way I'm taking care of it now. I was able to train harder, had much more energy, did not feel hungry or tired afterwards and mentally, it helped me as well since I knew I was healthier. With Shelby I learned the importance of muscle healing/recuperation for a better outcome in preparation for a fight, and how important carbs are. On days I would miss my morning shake, the difference in my training was night and day and mentally I knew that I hadn't fueled my body.

Jennifer's Stack:
1. Triple Whey Protein: for recovery, energy, and injury prevention
2. Max ACM: carbohydrate matrix to give her the fuel she needs for her grueling training sessions
3. Barracuda energy shots: A jump start for those early dark morning sessions! Closer to her fight, she used these to keep her going during the day also.
4. Max XTR: Extreme training recovery amino acid formula
5. Joint Relief for those aching body parts
6. MN Women's Multivitamin: To put her body in a position to absorb and utilize more from her foods and supplements.
JERRY C. Manassas, Virginia SuperHero
Gain energy, recover better, gain lean muscle

I first discovered Max Muscle one day when I was just out and about doing some errands. I went in the store and was immediately impressed with the Level Of Knowledge by their Staff. I talked with Fitness Consultants, Shelby, Kristen, and Matt. I explained to them that my goal was to build lean muscle. I explained to them my rigorous workout routine which included 15 miles of running/eliptical, weight-lifting daily training. They immediately prescribed the Triple Whey Protein. I have seen amazing results with the protein. My energy level is higher and I have definitely put on some lean muscle mass. When I explained my diet they immediately recognized that i was not consuming enough protein for the amount of training that I do. In addition, I tried the joint repair. I have experienced the best results with this supplement. My joints are not bothered or feel fatigued like before and I have noticed an increase in my overall shoe/joint endurance.

Lastly, I have been to numerous vitamin stores and nutrition stores, but none compare to Max Muscle. It is really great to have people who are extremely knowledgeable about fitness and can help you achieve your fitness goals. I make Max Muscle a part of my grocery list. If you haven't tried them out before, you should. Thanks Max Muscle for everything.

Jerry's Stack:
1. Triple Whey Chocolate Ice Cream protein
2. Max Joint Relief
3. JS Nitro Burn Extreme
4. JS Nitro Burn PM
Christine signed up for the Max Muscle Maxformation Challenge after deciding she was not getting results on her own and change was needed. She was exercising all the time, running miles and miles. The problem? NUTRITION. Proper adjustments were made and , as you can see, the changes were successful and dramatic!

As a vegetarian, it was difficult for Christine to get enough protein without the extra carbohydrates. Because of that, she was ingesting more calories than she was burning resulting in body fat storage and loss of lean muscle. We added Max Pro protein to her diet and changed her meal structure to 5-6 smaller meals per day with protein in every meal and having only protein with a fibrous vegetable for dinner. This resulted in the addition of quality lean muscle which boosted her metabolism and reduced body fat by burning it as an energy source. She also had increased energy and felt better than ever.

She used Glutamatrix glutamine blend to improve her recovery, allowing her to train more often and improve muscle building. She also used VitAcell, a liquid multivitamin with too many benefits to list. Vitamins and minerals are imperative to keeping your body functioning at peak performance.

Lastly, Christine used Quadra Cuts Extreme and Nighttime. Quadra Cuts Extreme is a weight loss support product that keeps your metabolism stimulated and increases energy and fat burning. The Nighttime product does not have a stimulant, but activates the metabolism with 7-Keto and allows you to burn fat 24 hours a day.