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How did you get involved in your sport and how long have you been doing it? I have been competing for four years now. I actually work at my gym and one day picked up the Max Sports & Fitness magazine. On the cover there was a married couple that was very fit. I was interested and started to read the article on them. Long story short this couple both had full-time jobs, three children, one having a disability, and the others played in sports. This couple had time to train together and live their busy lives working and being there for their children. They also competed together at the time.

I was only working a part-time job. This article really made me think about the possibilities and what I could accomplish. Not to mention that the lady on the cover was 20 years older than me but way better looking and in way better shape. I felt that if she could work full time, have three kids who always kept her on her toes, and a marriage that was strong while staying fit and healthy... I had no excuses to not be able to just do the same. I started going to the gym and got into the competitive world about the same time. I started in January 2013 and haven't stopped since. It was shortly after having my second child and I wanted to get back into shape. March 2013 was in PC Governors cup in Sacramento, California, which was my first competitive show.

What has been one of the greatest challenges you’ve faced and how did you overcome it?The hardest challenge that comes to my mind is having an injury and trying to train around it, plus having the patience to give it time to heal. I recently had a glute/hamstring injury and I had to take a year off softball and change up my training to get around irritating it or injuring it even more. I did physical therapy and took the time to heal so that competing would be possible again.

What is the best part about what you do as an athlete? One of the best parts of being an athlete is looking up to others as others look up to you. I do not often think of people looking up to me as an individual but they do. I feel I often forget that others are watching me and being inspired. I look up to people who inspire me and it makes me push harder. It helps me set new milestones and give it my all. Lastly, getting to the day of show and knowing that you have made it to that point. It is such an amazing feeling to see how far you have come to accomplish what you have.

How have Max Muscle supplements helped you become better at your sport? The supplements I use from Max Muscle are incredible! They give me the proper nutrition and meet all of my supplement needs to be able to compete in the NPC like I do. I would not be able to train like I do without them. These supplements make it possible for me to transform my body, gain lean muscle mass, tone, and tighten up. There is no way I would be as successful as I am if I did not use these products to help get me there.

What is your favorite supplement or supplement stack so far and why? As of right now, I am loving the Emerge! I was able to say goodbye to coffee and tea. It gives me amazing energy throughout the day and helps keep me moving. I recently had the opportunity to start the MaxxTOR and so far I am seeing great results. My strength and lean body muscle has increased. Can’t wait to see the end results from this product.

What does being a part of Team Max Muscle mean to you? I feel so very honored to be part of this amazing team! I get such great support from the Max Muscle Team and all of the supplements are just the best out there. I believe in building people up, encouraging them and being a positive influence and helping them reach their goals. I love sharing and talking about Max Muscle products with others. I stand by the products and encourage others to try them over any other products out there. They taste better, you can tell they have less fillers in them, and you’re getting a better quality product. So being a part of Max Muscle means everything to me and all I support.

When times get tough, how do you stay motivated? Any time I pick up Max Sports & Fitness magazine, I am motivated! I love reading about all of the success stories and accomplishments others have achieved. It just reminds us all that we have all started somewhere and the road that we have traveled to get where we are today may be rough but always worth it in the end. I like to feel strong and healthy. Going to the gym and eating my healthy snacks keep me on track. I always have new goals competing in the NPC bikini class. It keeps me motivated to be a better me as time goes on; there is always something to improve on. Constantly seeing results helps me stay motivated as well as the people watching me and rooting for me threw these adventures of my life. The support I get through Max Muscle is a huge push to keep me going and stay motivated and focused for the next level in my competitive fitness life.

Who inspires you and why? There are so many people who inspire me, not just one individual person. Of course, all of the IFBB Bikini Pros inspire me. I get a lot of my inspiration from my home town and home gym, Powerhouse in Placerville, CA. It’s like family here, everyone is always moving and inspiring in so many ways. My amazing husband and children are always encouraging me to push and be the best that I can be. They are my strength and power to keep pushing.

What are your top five training tips for your sport?

  1. Always have patience. Muscle growth and toning does not come overnight. It takes time and consistency.
  2. Be 100 percent on your nutrition, without it nothing will fall in place for your goals.
  3. Always be ready to switch up your workouts. If your body gets into a routine the change you’re looking for may never come.
  4. While lifting and performing an exercise, be sure form is on point. If your form is not right, the workout you are doing may not be working what you think.
  5. Have fun with what you do! And always ask questions if you’re looking for help, Max Muscle stores are great with nutrition!

What is the most important piece of advice you would offer to someone who wants to be like you?Take one day at a time, be true to yourself, and set milestones along the way of your journey. With milestones, you are able to keep moving forward after you hit them, going forward to the next milestone. Setting goals only gets you to that particular goal, making it easy to stop there or go in reverse.

Favorite quote or mantra? “If you believe you can, you’re halfway there.” – Sheila Teague

“Fitness isn't about being better than someone else, it’s about being better than you used to be.” I love this quote because it is not about other people, it is about yourself and pushing yourself a little further to become a better you. We never know what we can accomplish unless we try and a lot of the times we are surprised at our success.

Top 3 songs you listen to when working out? I hardly ever listen to music while I workout. If I do, it’s usually techno or dance music. Any good beat!

Favorite cheat meal? Mexican food! S'mores, Tillamook salted Caramel Ice Cream.

Favorite healthy snack? Peanut Butter and Bananas. It's pretty serious business. There are times you can find me at the gym in the trainer’s office dipping my banana in my peanut butter jar, then eating it!

What is your training routine like each week? I am currently changing up my cardio routine. I start off my mornings with a quick 20 minute run. I am running three times a week Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays for 45 minutes. Then I do incline on the treadmill at 25 percent on 3.0 pace for 20 minutes, then hop on the Stairmaster for another 20 minutes. I perform legs twice a week Monday and Thursdays. I do about 5 to 6 exercises at 5 sets of 15 reps each. Then I will do biceps and triceps on Tuesday and shoulders on Wednesday then train legs again on Thursday and back on Friday. But I make sure to consistently change up the exercises that are performed for each body part. I tried to keep it fun and challenging.

What is your most notable achievement? I have felt very great and positive about all of my achievements. Of course some are better than others, but I've always gotten something positive out of everything I've trained for. This last year held by far the most notable achievements for me. I took first place at two of my shows and overall at both also. I felt like I was living a dream. Lastly, competing at nationals in November 2015 in Miami was a huge step for me being first call out someplace in seventh out of my first national show was amazing. I couldn't have been happier with what the last year has brought to me and I'm gearing up now to see what else is ahead for this bikini girl.